Product image 1GO² Device for Endurance
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GO² Device for Endurance

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The GO² Device is the only breathing device scientifically proven to increase oxygen and endurance while lowering your heartrate. The device works by applying a slight pressure on the exhale, also known as Positive End Expiratory Pressure or PEEP, a physiological technique used in healthcare for 60+ years to increase oxygen in patients. The inhale is completely natural and can be done nasally or orally.

GO² benefits are rooted in proven science by independent third-party Ph.D. researchers from Texas A&M University and Houston Methodist Hospital and proven with statistical significance. This research showed an increase in VO2 Max by 4.1% and Endurance by 5.8%. You can view the research published in the esteemed Sports Medicine and Health Science Journal HERE 

To quantify these numbers, using GO² will take 10 minutes off a 4-hour marathon time (5-6 mins off a 3-hour marathon).

Designed by Doctors for use in endurance sports such as running, cycling, hiking/climbing, CrossFit, Skiing and more. Made in the USA. Go Further, Faster with GO². 

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    GO² stats

    Key numbers and benefits

    The GO² device was designed by Doctors and built on proven scientific principles that have been used in healthcare for the last 40 years. All research was conducted by independent third-parties from Texas A&M University and Houston Methodist Hospital system. All numbers below were realized with statistical significance along with highest rated research (Level 1 Peer Reviewed).



    endurance by



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    VO² MAX by



    Endurance SPorts

    VO² MAX by


    Our research was published by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), making it "Published Level 1 Peer Reviewed" research (the highest possible rating) 

    *VO2 Max is the industry standard to measure power output. Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between High intensity interval training (HIIT) and VO2 Max².

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