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GO² Device for Endurance

Product image 1GO² Device for Endurance
Product image 2GO² Device for Endurance
Product image 3GO² Device for Endurance

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A device that increases performance & endurance, allowing you to go further and increase performance at any level.  Designed and proven with science, this device will improve every workout, race, exercise, ride, climb, hike, and adventure to maximize your performance and be your GO² device when it matters most.

Go Harder.  Go Longer.  GO².

  • Increases VO² Max by 4.1%*
  • Increases Endurance by 5.8%**

  • * P values of independent research < 0.001
  • ** P values of independent research < 0.005
  • P values are considered statistically significant.
  • All testing done via two cycle ergometer (Lode ®) VO² max (MGL Ultima ®) graded exercise test (GXT) performed < 1 week apart.
  • All claims of increased game performance made based on direct correlation between high intensity interval training (simulation of football) and accepted relationship to VO² max.
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