"The Go2 is a great tool I use to help my body maintain high output during hard workouts. It keeps my oxygen levels high which in turn keeps me ready to go the next day - speeding up recovery in-between workouts."

Joseph Gray

2019 World Mountain Running Champion

18-Time USA National Champion

“As soon as I saw the GO² Device I understood the science behind it and recognized the performance benefits. I've experienced a notable performance increase in training - particularly at high altitude - and look forward to extreme-testing GO² on my upcoming K2 winter expedition in Dec 2019.”

Don Bowie

Professional High Altitude Climber

“The GO² is the only mouthguard on the market that is scientifically proven to increase oxygen. What else needs to be said?”

Richie James

Professional Football Player

"I’ve been using GO² for the last couple of months and I’m amazed at how much better I feel on runs when I use the device."




"My pace got faster and my heart rate went down."

Laurel Wassner



"GO² helps me control my breathing."

Macey Sutherland


Strava Stats

GO² will make you a second half star.

Perform at your peak with mouthguard protection and higher blood oxygen levels delivered in one device.

Go Further, Faster with GO².

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Want to take 10 mins off a 4-hour marathon time? Wear GO².

GO² Devices were tested in an independent lab and proven to dramatically improve performance.

Go Further, Faster with GO².

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Other than supplemental oxygen, GO² is the only way to effectively raise oxygen levels while active.

An oxygen enhancing device that helps your body breathe.

Go Further, Faster with GO².

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