GO² Device for Football with Lip Guard
GO² Device for Football with Lip GuardGO² Device for Football with Lip GuardGO² Device for Football with Lip GuardGO² Device for Football with Lip Guard

    The first of its kind. A mouthguard that is scientifically proven to increase performance & endurance, allowing you to recover faster between plays, have fresher legs in the fourth quarter, and maximize your performance on every play.

  • Increases VO² Max by 6.5%** over Battle Mouthguard. Battle mouthguards have the largest breathing aperture when compared to Nike, Vettex or LoudMouth. We tested against Battle because we felt they had the best chance of all of these brands to compete with ours, and our results blew them away. 
  • Increases Endurance (aka Time to Exhaustion) by 5.8%**
  • Dramatically improves heart rate recovery between plays

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endurance by



Contact Sports*

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Our research was recently confirmed as one of the keynote presentations at ACSM (American College of SportsMedicine) conference in May, making it "Published Level 1 Peer Reviewed" research. Additional research is being conducted now on GO2 vs. nothing.

*VO2 Max is the industry standard to measure power output. Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between High intensity interval training (most closely resembling actual play in football) and VO2 Max².

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