How it works

The science

The GO2 device was designed and built on proven scientific principles that have been used in healthcare for the last 40 years. 

We are the first to introduce it to the athletic/consumer space.

A mouthguard is often an essential piece of equipment an athlete must don before the start of agame, yet little innovation has occurred over the last 50 years. The main question is how GO2 supersedesrun-of-the-mill mouthguards. The differentiator for this device is how it improves lung effciencyrelative to other similar devices.

The device

The device works by putting a certain amount of resistance on the exhale. The inhale is natural, theexhale has resistance (known as PEEP - positive end expiratory pressure). When in use, an athleteimmediately realizes increased VO2 max and time to exhaustion while lowering heartrate. All of thesethings and more were proven with statistical significance.

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GO² Device for Endurance

A device that improves oxygen while exercising, allowing you to go further and increase performance at any level.  Designed and proven with science, this device will improve every workout, race, exercise, ride, climb, hike, and adventure to maximize your performance and be your GO² device when it matters most.

Go Harder.  Go Longer.  GO².

  • Increases VO² Max by 4.1%
  • Increases Endurance by 5.8% 
    GO² Device for Football with Lip Guard

    The first of its kind. A mouthguard that is scientifically proven to increase oxygen, allowing you to recover faster between plays, have fresher legs in the fourth quarter, and maximize your performance on every play.

    • Increases VO² Max by 6.5% over Battle Mouthguard. Battle mouthguards have the largest breathing aperture when compared to Shock Doctor™, Nike, Vettex or LoudMouth. We tested against Battle because we felt they had the best chance of all of these brands to compete with ours, and our results blew them away. 
    • Increases Endurance (aka Time to Exhaustion) by 5.8%
    • Dramatically improves heart rate recovery between plays 
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