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The GO² device was designed by Doctors and built on proven scientific principles that have been used in healthcare for the last 40 years. All research was conducted by independent third-parties from Texas A&M University and Houston Methodist Hospital system. All numbers below were realized with statistical significance along with highest rated research (Level 1 Peer Reviewed).



endurance by



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Endurance SPorts

VO² MAX by


Our research was published by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), making it "Published Level 1 Peer Reviewed" research (the highest possible rating) 

*VO2 Max is the industry standard to measure power output. Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between High intensity interval training (HIIT) and VO2 Max².

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GO² Device for Endurance

GO² is the world's first endurance sports device scientifically proven to increase VO2 Max by 4.1% and Endurance by 5.8%. To quantify these numbers, using GO² will take 10 minutes off a 4-hour marathon time (5-6 mins off a 3-hour marathon). In the short time it's been available, a pro triathlete has won an Ironman using GO².  

For hiking and climbing, GO² has been tested on Everest and shown to combat altitude-related shortness of breath and dramatically improve oxygen saturation.

GO² benefits are rooted in proven science by independent third-party Ph.D. researchers from Texas A&M University and Houston Methodist Hospital and proven with statistical significance.

Designed by Doctors specifically for endurance sports like running, cycling, hiking, CrossFit, and Skiing. 

Go Further, Faster with GO². 

  • Increases VO² Max by 4.1%*
  • Increases Endurance by 5.8%**
GO² Device for Football with Lip Guard and Tether

The first of its kind. A mouthguard that is scientifically proven to increase performance & endurance, allowing you to recover faster between plays, have fresher legs in the fourth quarter, and maximize your performance on every play.

  • Increases VO2 Max by 6.5%** over Battle Mouthguard. Battle mouthguards have the largest breathing aperture when compared to Nike, Vettex or LoudMouth. We tested against Battle because we felt they had the best chance of all of these brands to compete with ours, and our results blew them away. 
  • Increases Endurance (aka Time to Exhaustion) by 5.8%**
  • Improves heart rate recovery between plays
GO² Replacement Bands
Two bands of slightly different size to give you just the right amount of PEEP to maximize performance.
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